Leslie Plesser

oh, hello there

I am a photographer // art director living in Minneapolis, a city that I am proud to call home. I like to make things pretty, and I really enjoy showing people the beauty that I see in them through my photography.

I am extremely passionate about outstanding typography, good coffee, live music (the louder the better) and enormous dogs. Oh, and let’s not forget about Kansas basketball.

I am happiest when snapping photos of bands and dogs, but I also love taking photos of people in their own environments. I tend to prefer salty over sweet when it comes to both food and people. If you would like to contact me about a shoot, send me a message. Thanks for stopping by!

** Photo by the amazing and wonderful Louisa Podlich

official bio

Leslie is a Minneapolis-based photographer with a background in graphic design and art direction. Some career highlights include photographing her favorite musicians (Metric, P.O.S., Macklemore and Metallica) as well as any and all puppy photo sessions.

Her photography has been featured in Women’s Wear Daily, The New York Times, the Star Tribune, the Chicago Tribune and Vita.mn. Various blogs have written features on her as well as a segment on WCCO. In 2014, City Pages named her one of Minneapolis’ top five twitter accounts and one of the city’s best concert photographers.

In her previous life (before running Shuttersmack full time), she was the art director for vita.mn and a designer for a variety of newspapers including the Star Tribune and the Miami Herald.

She is continually inspired by current issues of Esquire, vintage copies of Rolling Stone and Spin, black and white punk photography and everything on her pinterest boards.

She is truly blessed by her amazing and supportive family which includes her bad-ass husband, her baby boy, Ezra, and her two kids dogs, Magda and Merlin.